• Tips on Jewelry Care and Cleaning

    Proper cleaning will make your jewelry sparkle like new. Chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, perfumes and lotions can damage jewelry. Over time, light and heat can fade, weaken, or even darken some gemstones. Professional cleaning--at least once a year--is recommended.

  • Designer Jewelry: Is it really worth the price tag?

    Designer name brand jewelry costs a lot more than generic no name jewelry. What makes it priced higher? Quite simply, you are paying for the designer’s name or signature stamped on the piece. Advertising convinces us that the name is prestigious and desirable.

  • How to Rid Tarnish from Silver Jewelry

    After some time, sterling silver may turn a blackish or brownish color. This is a natural oxidation that occurs through a chemical reaction with substances in the air. It can be a pain to remove. Silver polish in liquid form or a polishing cloth may be used to remove the tarnish.

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