Designer Jewelry: Is it really worth the price tag?

Designer name brand jewelry costs a lot more than generic no name jewelry. What makes it priced higher? Quite simply, you are paying for the designer’s name or signature stamped on the piece. Advertising convinces us that the name is prestigious and desirable. Sure name brand jewelry may be made well, but so is a lot of generic jewelry. And some no name versions are higher quality. Name brands may come with a lifetime guarantee; many generic versions do as well.

Will others know? Whereas the name brand is visible on a watch, it isn’t on a ring. When wearing a ring, people are not going to know if it is a name brand or no name. You can find generic versions styled similarly to designer name brand rings. Same quality, lower priced. So the next time you are ring shopping, compare designer name brands to similar designed rings for half the price, and decide for yourself.

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