The halo ring is a vintage style ring that is currently trending in popularity. The style has its roots in the heirloom ring that your grandmother may have worn.

The halo ring style consists of a center stone surrounded by a circle of small accent diamonds. Various gemstone shapes including the round, princess, cushion, emerald and oval may be accented with a halo of small diamonds. The halo visually expands the appearance of the center by as much as a half-carat or more, giving it a larger and bolder appearance than the classic solitaire. 

The halo ring style is typically set with diamonds as the center stone, although it can be set with all sorts of gemstones including the ruby, sapphire and jade.

Because of its increasing popularity, modern style rings are also being created with the halo appearance. Halo ring styles are very popular among celebrities and royalty. Princess Diana’s now famous beautiful sapphire halo ring has been passed down to Duchess Kate Middleton.

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