The ultimate classic engagement ring style is the traditional single diamond solitaire; and the most popular choice is the round brilliant-cut diamond set in a plain mounting with four or six prongs. The round stone shape best features the diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance.

Other notable diamond solitaire shapes include the contemporary princess-cut; the marquise shape which is flattering for women with slender fingers; the romantic heart-shaped diamond; the pear shape or teardrop; the classic emerald cut; the cushion cut, the faceted asscher or radiant cut, and the non-traditional oval shape.

The metal used in the band, or shank, may be yellow or white gold, or platinum—which comes with a steeper price tag for its durability.

The elegant diamond solitaire will always be in fashion. It can be pared with a plain or diamond band or a ring guard—also called wrap—that frames and enhances the solitaire diamond so that it stands out beautifully.

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