Three Stone

The three-stone ring represents yesterday, today, and forever - celebrating a couple’s lifetime journey together. Each stone is symbolic; representing the time they’ve shared in the past, the love they enjoy today, and for all that’s ahead in their future. The three-stones convey a beautiful sentiment about the couple’s love, and are displayed in a glamorous setting.

A popular classic engagement ring style, the three-stone setting is also prevalent in vintage and modern ring styles. Any stone shape can be used in the setting. The classic style ordinarily has round or emerald cut stones, while the princess cut is common in the vintage style. A mix of stone shapes may be typical in the modern ring style. 

Three-stone settings can be three similarly sized diamonds, or a larger center stone, adjoined by two smaller side stones. The center stone may be any gemstone, such as a sapphire or ruby, set with diamond side stones.

The sparkle and shine on a three-stone ring is absolutely stunning.

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