How To Sell Scrap Gold.

Selling old scrap jewelry is something that can easily be done with a visit to our convenient location. We will evaluate all the items with our customers and agree to a purchase price based on weight, karat (10k, 14k, etc) of the metals and the current spot market price. We will pay you immediately upon reaching the agreed upon amount. Please bring anything of question and we will gladly evaluate the items to determine if the metal is of value. No appointment is necessary and private consultations can be arranged if needed.

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How Much Will You Get?

Generally speaking you will get the value of the gold the moment it is assessed by your sales associate. It is important to note that the price we pay will not reflect the retail price of that item. It reflects merely the value of the gold by weight and quantity only. What that amount could be is difficult to say as it can vary with the type of gold, quantity and the spot market value of the metal the day it is presented.

How much gold is there in the item and what is the price of metals. The “live” quotes are based on PURE GOLD 24 karat. Gold is generally priced at USD per troy ounce. The items you are selling may be of a lesser karat, such as 10kt or 14kt for example, and so would be worth proportionately less as there is less gold in the items.

What is Scrap Gold?

Scrap gold can include any products that are made of gold or include gold in its manufacture. Scrap is not only limited to Gold but any precious metal including Platinum and Silver. The list below covers some of the most often pieces of scrap jewelry we see on a daily basis:

The condition is immaterial. Old gold that cannot be restored to its former glory is ideal and the gold can be recovered.